URL Parsing

As part of the reason we create a selector – we have the ability to inject that selector into the URL address. The main reason to do so – is by sending a link, for example to an Audience we’ve declared ahead with specific content. This will not affect any content on your website such as the already existing Selector, and with that being said, also will not target the selector to anyone.

When you create a selector and name it, this name can be used to inject content directly to that selector via site URL. 

To prevent others from displaying random messages on your websites you can protect your selectors. 

Simply go to your selector, under properties you can see a category named: “Protected Selector” – and you can check the empty check-box. This will prevent this selector from being injected into the URL.

Building links with twik is an easy process. All you need to know is the selector’s name, and the variant’s ID, or a new value you wish to inject directly via the URL. 

The link is built this way: the original URL, followed by a “?”, followed by the selector’s name, then “=” and finally type “tw:” followed by the variant’s ID or the value you wish to display. 

This feature can serve many uses. For example, it can be placed in targeted campaigns, be used to send preview links, or even to create new permutations of existing pages.

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