Pixel queries

Pixel queries allow you to inquire if a visitor in your site is logged in at any other website. These may contain your own services or any other external service, such as social media sites or any other websites that require or offer a login option.

Before enabling pixel queries in project settings, you must read our terms of service and we recommend taking legal advice prior to their deployment, including the pre-configured queries supplied by twik.

To enable any pixel query listed in the sample list, simply move the switch to enable the desired website you wish to track.

To add a website you wish to track, click  and enter its full URL (http://www.example.com). After adding the website, it is set to be enabled by default. You may enable or disable pixels at any given moment.

Your project’s enabled pixel queries can now be used as conditions in new and existing audiences. Simply go to your desired audience or create a new audience, and add a new condition. Pick pixel queries from the dropdown list and choose which URLs you wish to include or exclude.

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