In your first login, you will notice twik’s initial BI recording. The Pages view is composed of a graph and a table which both reflect your website’s BI for the selected time-frame, similar to other analytics services. To learn more about graphs and tables, click here.

In the table below you can view the recording of your site pages performance across all KPIs. Twik’s automatic goal detection engine loads a semantic view of KPI columns, relevant to your website’s business objectives without any configuration at all.

For example, if you have an e-commerce website, you will see the number of cart completions for each page. Alternatively, if you have a B2B website, you will see registrations and leads. To learn more about twik’s advanced BI capabilities, click here.

Clicking on any page in the table, as well as the big green + button opens an action panel which allows you to start personalizing your page, by adding selectors and variants using the visual editor.

To learn how to create a selector, click here. To learn how to create a variant, click here.

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