Welcome to twik, the personalization automation platform.

Once you’ve created your new twik account, in your first sign in – the set up dialogue will appear to help you install twik in a few simple steps:

  1. Insert your domain URL, and press “Generate a new snippet”.

     2. Next, choose the way you would like to add twik snippet to your website.

  • HTML tag – add twik’s snippet directly into your HTML code, by pasting it in the <head> tag, above all other scripts.
  • WordPress plugin – get a snippet ID to add to your WordPress settings. First install our WordPress plugin by downloading it from the featured link, add it as a new plugin and activate it. Then go to Twik!, paste the snippet ID and click save (for better performance we recommend turning on Asynchronous mode).

  • Google Tag Manager – Copy the HTML tag, and paste it in a new custom HTML tag.

     3. Once you’ve inserted the snippet into your website’s code click “Verify Installation”.

Next you choose one of the following:

  • Edit your homepage – start personalizing your home page with the help of our visual editor.
  • Go to dashboard – start collecting data, and get familiar with our dashboard, where you’ll find all the necessary information for optimizing your campaign.
  • Learn how to use twik – to reach twik’s knowledge base.

Become an enterprise and learn about our Billing system, start free – pay as you grow.

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