Dynamic Variant

Dynamic Variant is a live piece of content that changes in real-time.

This can be an element from another page on your website or from another domain. It can be injected into different selectors, which are widely spread around your website.

The setup is easy just like creating a regular selector, with the addition of an extra one. Why is that?

We have the source selector – which is the content we would like to see in the target selector.

Check out our tutorial for more detail on how to create a selector.

Note – a dynamic variant can only be created on HTML or text selectors.


Once your selectors are all set, you may now move to the Variant view via the side panel and create a new Variant by clicking the  button.

In the action panel – choose the dynamic variant type – and then choose the source selector.

In Connections – connect to the target selector, and the Audience you wish to deliver it.

Note- By default, dynamic variants update to display the content of the source selectors every 6 hours.

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