Dashboard Overview

Welcome to your new Twik account. After the initial setup, you will view your personal dashboard whenever you log in to Twik. So here is a breakdown of the Twik dashboard view so we can get you started.

  1. On the top right you may find your Twik account profile, company, and billing.

2. Top left you can see the domain you’re working on, this will be relevant when you have more domains you work on at the same time

3. The side menu on the right contains the four main categories you will be working on. You can find Pages, Selectors, Audiences, and Variants.

4. At the bottom left you can find the project setting.

5. In the center of the page, you can find a graph & table of your collected data.

6. And finally, at the top of the table big green “+” button which will open your first page, you would like to work on and create experiments.

    • Once you press the “+” button, a window will open under the header of ‘Enter page URL’. Here you can choose the URL of the page within your website which you want to edit and start to collect BI. Call your page in a name that will reflect the content, such as “Homepage” or “Blog”. Notice that your pre-made URL is your home page.
    • You may edit the information at a later time. In order to get started and work on your website – press ‘View in editor’.

To learn about who can access your dashboard, permission-wise, and general setting, read more about project settings.

Or start to personalize, and get familiar with the Editor overview.

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