We have simplified our billing system for you. It consists of one window, and three inner tabs- Overview, Payment method and Invoices.

When logged into twik, you can access the billing window via the top-right user menu and it reads ‘Billing’.

There you will also find a quick summary of your monthly balance and projections. If an exclamation mark appears near the ‘Billing’ link, that’s an alert that means a payment issue notification of some sort awaits you inside the billing window.

Once you click that ‘Billing’ link, the billing window will appear showing the ‘Overview’ tab. If you saw an exclamation mark alert, the correlating notification will appear at the top.

Let’s review that ‘Overview’ tab: It features a bar graph of your monthly spend and forecast followed by detailed feature usage rows. To update to an ‘Enterprise’ account, enabling pixel queries and a dedicated account manager, click the ‘Update to Enterprise’ link above the table. A monthly fee of $1,500 will apply.  Last, below the usage table, an area to redeem promotional credits.

Payment Method
Next, we’ll review the ‘Payment Method’ tab: Here you can update your credit card information.

Your credit card will be saved on record for future balance payments. It will be billed whenever you reach $250 of the outstanding balance. An invoice will automatically appear in the ‘Invoices’ tab.

Last, we have the ‘Invoices’ tab, where you can always view or download your invoices from.

After setting up the account billing, let’s see our dashboard overview.

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