Set an Audience

Correct audience targeting is the secret to effective advertising. Twik offers more than your ordinary targeting by providing over 30 KPIs including demographics and interests, funnel and pre-funnel targeting*.

Form ideal audiences with advanced settings. You can set the following conditions:

  1. Location – target users according to their geo-location
  2. Age – define a preferred age range for your campaign
  3. Gender – choose the gender you wish to target
  4. Pages per session – limit the targeted audience to a number of minimal pages per session
  5. Page views – set the audience according to number of page views
  6. Interests – Twik is able to target audiences according to interests (such as learning, business, computing etc.)
  7. Daily schedule – limit experiments for a certain time slot
  8. Avg. session duration – set an audience according to the time a user spent on your website

* Pre-funnel targeting – Twik automatically retrieves the social networks a user is logged into, which allows it to guesstimate the pages which the user is more likely to be interested in.

Weighted funnels – Twik shows relevant content according to the user’s journey throughout the site (products, categories, and search filters).

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