Creating Experiments

Multivariate testing is not as complicated as it sounds. This article will help you perform the best experiments with Twik, here’s how. Twik is an optimization system which allows AB and multivariate testing with a various array of elements. Before we get into the creation of new experiments, here is […]

Set an Audience

Correct audience targeting is the secret to effective advertising. Twik offers more than your ordinary targeting by providing over 30 KPIs including demographics and interests, funnel and pre-funnel targeting*. Form ideal audiences with advanced settings. You can set the following conditions: Location – target users according to their geo-location Age […]

Twik Dashboard

Welcome to your new Twik account. After the initial set up, you will view your personal dashboard whenever you log in to Twik. So, here is a breakdown of the Twik dashboard view: The Website Performance¬†Overview For each category you can view a graph of the analytics data for your […]