BI Overview

twik is a powerful tool for analyzing site data and BI. In the graph view, you can compare ‘control’ vs. ‘test’ performance results across different KPIs, on different timeframes, with split line-charts, visualizing the effects of twik experiments on your site visits. Let’s understand more. Each selected KPI will be […]


In order to optimize the conversion rate and make sure we could target each audience segment with the relevant variant – we need to connect an audience with the selector that contains the wanted variant for that audience. The connections tab will hold that information and will present which connections […]

Creating a Variant

A variant is a content we create in order to replace an existing element in the page, for targeting the specific element and presenting it to the relevant audience. Variant creates in a selector we choose on the website and can be one of the 7 types of the variant […]

Creating an Audience

Correct audience targeting is the secret to effective campaigns. It’s a group of people based on the same characters, that we would like to target and reveal different content from our original web page content. In order to create an audience press the plus button, a sidebar will appear and […]

Creating a Selector

In order to create a selector, you must go into the editor. Choose any element on your website that you wish to allocate a selector. This will open a menu that will offer you to either create a Selector or a Variant. Choose Selector, this will open a menu with […]

Editor Overview

By clicking the VIEW IN EDITOR button in the action panel on either Selectors or Pages view, twik loads up your selected page for viewing and helps you create new Selectors and Variants.   Alternatively, you may click the button, and enter the URL you wish to load in the […]

Project Settings

The project settings located in the left bottom corner of the dashboard. In project settings you can find the following information: Snippet ID & HTML code –  in case you need it to install again, or locate throughout your website. User management –  as an owner of your website you […]

Dashboard Overview

Welcome to your new Twik account. After the initial set up, you will view your personal dashboard whenever you log in to Twik. So here is a breakdown of the Twik dashboard view so we can get you started. On the top right you may find your Twik account profile, […]


We have simplified our billing system for you. It consists of one window, and three inner tabs- Overview, Payment method and Invoices. When logged into twik, you can access the billing window via the top-right user menu and it reads ‘Billing’. There you will also find a quick summary of […]


Welcome to twik, the personalization automation platform. Once you’ve created your new twik account, in your first sign in – the set up dialogue will appear to help you install twik in a few simple steps: Insert your domain URL, and press “Generate a new snippet”.      2. Next, […]